Public Service Community

Several organizations are devoted to promoting public service and recognizing excellence in the new public sector. Please visit their websites to learn more.


Ash Institute for Democratic Governance and Innovation, Harvard University

“The Roy and Lila Ash Institute for Democratic Governance and Innovation fosters excellence in government around the world in order to generate and strengthen democracy.” The Ash Institute operates the Innovations in American Government program that spotlights public sector excellence every year. The institute also has global programming related to its mission.

The Partnership for Public Service

“The Partnership works to make the government an employer of choice for talented, dedicated Americans through educational outreach, research, legislative advocacy, and hands-on partnerships with agencies on workforce management issues.” Among the other features, this website provides numerous Profiles in Public Service of individuals who have contributed to the public good through their careers, and spotlights the Best Places to Work in the Federal Government.

This is the “home page” of the U.S. federal government, with information for citizens, businesses, and travelers on all aspects of the U.S. government and its programs.

Governing Magazine Online

“Governing is a monthly magazine whose primary audience is state and local government officials: the governors, mayors, legislators, council members, program directors, agency heads, policy advisors and other officials spanning the entire range of responsibility for state and local government. They are the men and women who set policy for and manage the day-to-day operations of cities, counties and states, as well as such governmental bodies as school boards and special districts.” The website for this magazine offers access to coverage of numerous policy and management issues in state and local public service. The magazine also recognizes Public Officials of the Year and their profiles are available online.