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    Frank M. Magana

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    Brigham Young University--Romney Institute of Public Management
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    Director of Operations
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    Latinos in Action

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    Working to enrich the lives of others, Frank Magana, director of operations for Latinos in Action and 2013 MPA grad, strives to bring hope to the lives of youth across the country. His nonprofit organization helps Latino youth find success in both educational pursuits and life.

    “We believe strongly in the power of teaching and also in the power of being a good mentor,” Magana says. “These kids often come to our class with a low GPA and end up teaching younger children. They realize that they can apply what they are teaching these elementary school students in their own life. By mentoring and teaching they begin to help themselves.”

    Magana became involved with Latinos in Action thanks to Professor Rex Facer, associate professor of public finance and management.

    “During my first year in the MPA program, Dr. Facer encouraged us to speak with someone that was doing something we were interested in,” Magana says. “I ended up speaking with Dr. Jose Enriquez, the CEO of Latinos in Action, and got involved at first by helping with their social media.”

    The Latinos in Action organization has grown immensely in the past few years. The program began with thirty-eight schools and has more than 110 participating today. Magana is passionate about the program and is continually impressed by what the students can achieve.

    “We challenge these students to excel and prepare for the future,” Magana says. “The students are constantly exceeding our expectations and improving their quality of life. 98 percent of our students graduate from high school and 85 percent go on to college.”

    According to Magana, his success at the non-profit stems from his time in the MPA program.

    “I have been able to apply almost everything I learned from the Romney Institute to what I do now,” Magana says. “The Romney Institute places a big emphasis on teamwork. Group work, along with strategy, statistical analysis, and program evaluation, helped me a lot.”

    Magana commends the MPA program for giving him the skills needed to sustain continued growth for Latinos in Action and in his future career.

    “The Romney Institute taught me how organizations work and how they are structured in both the non-profit and public sector,” Magana says. “It taught me the value of appreciating people and teamwork. It was a very positive experience and well worth it.”