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    Alex Lawson

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    The George Washington University-Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration
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    Executive Director
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    Social Security Works

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    Alex Lawson is the Executive Director of Social Security Works, the convening member of the Strengthen Social Security Coalition, a coalition made up of over 300 national and state organizations representing over 50 million Americans. Lawson was the first employee of Social Security Works, when he served as the communications director. Alongside the founding co-directors, he has built the organization into a recognized leader on social insurance. Mr. Lawson is a member of the National Academy of Social Insurance.

    Mr. Lawson is also the co-owner of We Act Radio, an AM radio station and media production company whose studio is located in the historic Anacostia neighborhood of Washington, DC. We Act Radio is a mission driven business that is dedicated to raising up the stories and voices of those historically excluded from the media. We Act Radio is also an innovator in the use of online and social media as well as video livestreaming to cover breaking news and events. Recently, the station produced video livestreaming from Ferguson, MO as the #FergusonLive project sponsored by Color of Change.

    “I’ve always thought of myself as someone who tells stories,” said Lawson, who received his MPP in 2008 from the George Washington University’s Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration. He credits his education at the Trachtenberg School along with his rich life experience for giving him the tools “to effectively translate the stories of more than 50 million people on Social Security to lawmakers and translate the efforts and ideas of lawmakers to those involved with my organization.” When the White House announced the chained CPI Social Security cut would be not be in President Obama’s budget for 2015, Lawson and his colleagues knew that their efforts to personalize the importance of Social Security to lawmakers had succeeded. The success only made him more determined to continue his efforts serving the public.